Q: Can I buy ____?
Q: Is ____ for sale?
Q: What is the price of ____?
A: Is it in my shop? If yes, you can buy it there. If it is in the gallery on this website but not in the shop, that exact item is either already sold or not for sale*. Similar items may or may not appear in the future. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the work. Posable creatures may range from $235-$1500+.

*The exception to this rule is if an item is in a physical gallery somewhere. If this is the case, I’ll probably have mentioned it in recent social media posts.

Q: Will you make ____for me?
A: Maybe! See the Commissions page for details! The commissions page will be updated with current commission information.

Q: How should I care for my posable creature doll?
A: Gentle is best! I design my dolls to be as durable as possible - but they are fine art, not toys. Infrequent posing, handling your doll with clean, dry hands, and storing your doll out of direct sunlight and the hands and mouths of small children and pets, will make sure your doll lasts for many, many years. If your creature gets dusty or its fur needs styling, please blow, shake, or gently brush it. NEVER get the fur wet - this will weaken the color on the fur and allow it to rub off. Varnished areas of the clay/resin parts of the doll are quite water resistant; unvarnished areas are slightly water resistant. (Acrylic paint is not water soluble once dried, but it can absorb moisture, which will make it more likely to scratch off.)

Q: Why isn't shipping free?
A: Shipping is not free. If you don’t believe me, walk into a post office and mail something. Large companies (aka Amazon) have normalized “free” shipping, but the fact is, shipping is not actually free. Little guys like me cannot afford to eat the cost, unfortunately.

Q: Do you offer payment plans/layaway/installments?
A: Yes! I acknowledge that my work can be expensive, and if paying in installments is helpful for you, I am happy to work with you. I'm super chill when it comes to payment plans. More information on payment plans can be found in Policies and Commissions .

Q: Where'd you get such a slick website?
A: I wrote the code myself! No prior experience, no formal classes. My knowledge comes mostly from w3schools.com (it's got free tutorials), with some key tips and help from of a couple of code-savvy friends, and a handful of miscelaneous online articles. Visual Studio Code is the free program I use for writing html and php. Dreamhost hosts the site. Filezilla is the program I use to transfer updates to the site. If you’re ok having a seperate portfolio and shop, and know somebody who can help you when you get well and truly stuck figuring things out, I highly recommend building a website from scratch. It’s MUCH cheaper than say, Squarespace, and you can make it exactly how you want. In my opinion, it’s actually easier than wrestling with premade templates, and as long as your site requires no user input, it is really not too complicated.

Q: Didn't you previously go by CMWyvern?
A: Yes, my old art name was CMWyvern. I changed to Fruit-Bat-Phoenix in fall 2019. (CMWyvern was hard for people to spell and say*, and Fruit-Bat-Phoenix felt less confusing as well as more authentic to me personally). If you see images floating around on the internet watermarked as CMWyvern, they are mine.
*A wyvern is basically a dragon with two legs instead of the usual four. I assumed this was common knowledge when I choose my old name, but it turns out that for many people, this is a lesser-known bit of trivia.