A sampling of feedback from my customers! If you’ve bought something from me, I’d love to hear from you! Send your comment to calyn@fruitbatphoenix.com and let me know how you’d like to be identified. (I will only post reviews publicly with permission from the customer!)

3/5/2020 for Chlorophyll Fox
“A wonderful job. I already own several of these posable creatures and each one is built and painted with a lot of love. The communication with the artist works very well, and the shipping is fast enough (considering the long distance to Germany).” - M. Mensen

7/24/19 for Golden Eagle Wyrm
“He is incredibly perfect. Better in person than in pictures. Plus, he looks great standing guard while I'm playing World of Warcraft.” - Anna J.

2/19/19 for Blue & Brown Eagle Wrym
“Beautiful workmanship. I love this little guy! He's guarding my rooms perfectly! It arrived very timely. One day he'll have a sibling !” - Renee

3/1/18 for Zenko the Tiny Fox
“My zenko is wonderful! He looks adorable with the little displays I have for him (big thanks to JMakesMinis for the custom display bases). It did take some time for him to arrive, but he arrived and is now curled up in my room. Calyn was very kind to me and worked with me to accommodate my requests. The zenko turned out even better than I had expected. I look forward to seeing what else she creates in the future. Here are some images of my zenko with his displays for everyone to enjoy: https://imgur.com/a/ZRq2g - HikariFaith

2/4/18 for Teal Specklewing Eagle Wyrm
“Tealanth arrived Friday, and he's been wandering around getting to know his new home and finding his favorite perches. He was amused when I told him that my hubby sometimes takes days to see anything new in the house, so he has been very still whenever Bill's in the room. Right now he seems to like clinging to the rigging of my grandfather's Bluenose model on the living room mantle. He even let me take a picture of him there. I'm delighted. He's beautiful and beautifully made. I hope to get him some company in the future.” - S.E.D.

1/7/18 for Clouded Leopard Dragons
“Gorgeous leopard-dragon mom and baby. We love them!” - Leslie