This section includes policies specific to commissions; please read the regular policies page as well as this one for complete information.

Current Status: CLOSED

(Updated 8/27/23) I am not seeking commissions at this time. I'll update this page should that change! However, you're still welcome to email me at calyn@fruitbatphoenix.com to discuss your desired project.

General Info

I will typically announce any open commission slots first via my newsletter and then on social media, but you are also welcome to email me directly at calyn@fruitbatphoenix.com! Commissions will be awarded more or less on a first-come, first-serve basis. If I am not able to take your commission at the time you first ask me about it, but might be able to later, I can add you to my commissions interest list for the type of commission you are interested in. Persons on the list will get first dibs when the commissions are opened. Interest lists are not binding in any way - nothing is finalized until money changes hands.

See the above section for a price list of current semi-custom items.

Fully unique commissions are particularly stressful for me, and I will only accept them occasionally and if I really love the design. Completely custom posable creatures of my usual complexity will range from $850-$1500+. Prices for simpler creatures and other projects vary widely and may be significantly less!

Design & Pricing

Communication & Timing



*Things happen, I understand. If for some reason you wish to delay or change a payment plan, please communicate with me about it! In virtually all cases, I will be able to work with you! These rules are here so I can have something to point to if something goes really wrong; in reality I’m quite chill. As long as I get paid in full eventually, I’m happy.