Galaxy Doe, the posable fantasy creature doll, looks over her shoulder
Seamless blend of sculpted and furred parts of galaxy doe's face
Galaxy Doe, a space themed posable art doll deer
Galaxy Doe, a space themed deer posable art doll
Galaxy Doe, a space themed deer posable art doll

Galaxy Doe

25cm (10") long

Galaxy Doe is an OOAK commissioned doll, the only big commission I took on in 2019. Galaxy Doe was one of those projects that puts up multiple challenges. Painting her fur took a long time, both to create the amorphous pattern and to get the colors dark enough. The flower-stars were also finicky and time consuming. Each was cut out with scissors from thick paper, painted, and coaxed into shape. The tiara is removable, while the other flowers are sewn into the fur. The part of Galaxy Doe that I am happiest about is her face - the blend between fur and clay on her cheeks is virtually seamless. This is the effect I strive for!

Galaxy Doe has a polymer clay face and hooves. Her ears are part of her face sculpt and are not posable. The rest of her body is constructed over a sturdy, posable wire armature and covered with soft, hand painted synthetic fur.

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