Photo of Calyn with Blue & Brown Eagle Wyrm dragon on shoulder

About the Artist

Hello there! I am Calyn McLeod, an artist with a particular love for creating posable creature sculptures, but that’s only my main thing. I also like to sew, and I enjoy painting, ceramics, and many other genres of craft as well. As of 2019, I am based in Maryland, but prior to that I resided in the Pacific Northwest.

Why Fruit-Bat-Phoenix?

Fruit bat, because that’s what I would be if I wasn’t a human. It doesn’t matter what other food there is in the house; if the fruit bowl is empty, it’s time to go grocery shopping. Apples, pears, blueberries, mangos, kiwis, grapes, strawberries, oranges, grapefruits, pineapples, peaches, plums... I love them all. Fruit is life. (So is ice cream, and also fresh steamed green beans, but I digress..) Also, fruit bats are very cute.

Phoenix, as an acknowledgement of the cycles of renewal within life. There are times when I have found myself in a dim place, shying away from the world. In that grey time I am unable to truly experience feelings of awe and inspiration. But, sometime later, I will find myself on the right path again and am reborn. My heart leaps in love and joy, and my soul settles again comfortably into my body. To me, the phoenix is a metaphor for the fact that not every day, or week or month or even year, is a good one, but that is a part of life. There is always a reason for hope, faith, and hard work: it will get better again. Also, a fancy bird that is reborn in fire is just plain cool.

The combination of two (or more) animals, especially of one real and one fantasy, is also a recurring theme in my creature artwork. I have a love for both fantasy and nature, and it is from these sources that most of my inspiration is drawn.