Chlorophyll green fox posable art doll looks up cutely.
Chlorphyll green spotted fox posable art doll left side view.
Face closeup of green spotted fox posable art doll.
Green spotted fox posable art doll rolls on its back showing its feet.
Chlorophyll Fox the posable creature sitting.
Right side view of Chlorophyll Fox.

Chlorophyll Fox

45cm (18”) long

Chlorophyll Fox features snake-inspired markings and is an alarmingly bright shade of green. Silver leather bracelets tied with beaded cords adorn each leg, suggesting that this is no wild animal - I like to think it is in the employ of some powerful mage.

The face and lower legs were cast in resin, and the soft body is constructed over a posable wire armature. The face is fully flocked, a process that is extremely time consuming, but which produces a lovely lifelike look.

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