pGreen Bonewolf (Canis Osteus)
Green Bonewolf (Canis Osteus)
Green Bonewolf (Canis Osteus) laying down
Green Bonewolf (Canis Osteus) face detail
Green Bonewolf (Canis Osteus) paw pads and spines details
Green Bonewolf (Canis Osteus) side view

Green Bonewolf (Canis Osteus)

38cm (15") long, 22cm (8.75") tall

Green Bonewolf (Canis osteus), is a reimagining of my commissioned Bone-Dragon-Wolf from 2018.

Canis osteus may be found singly or in small packs, roaming forests and ruins on several continents of the planet on which they live. The bonewolf looks quite fearsome, but it will not typically attack targets who appear strong and well-armed. However, it is advisable not to antagonize this species, since its large protruding fangs can deliver a particularly nasty bite, and it does not care what you taste like. (Bonewolves have an acute sense of hearing, but their sense of taste is poor, and they will eat almost anything.) It is possible to tame a bonewolf - if a puppy is socialized with humans, it can be trained into a valuable guardian and hunting companion. This particular green individual is a wild bonewolf, though.

Green Bonewolf’s head and feet are cast in resin, and his spines are polymer clay. He has a sturdy posable wire armature and is well balanced - he can easily be posed with a lifted paw or even stand balanced on his hind feet and tail. Green Bonewolf’s coat of synthetic fur is hand sewn to the body before being given a careful haircut and partially colored with special acrylics. All the resin and clay sections are painted with acrylics and sealed with polyurethane varnishes.

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