Cloud Antelope III, a white and blue graceful horned creature art doll
Cloud Antelope III, a white and blue graceful horned creature
Cloud Antelope III, a blue and white creature with armored back plates
Face closeup of Cloud Antelope III
Cloud Antelope III, a posable art doll

Cloud Antelope III

14cm (5.5") ground to shoulder

Cloud Antelope III has a resin cast head and lower legs, polymer clay armor details, and a sturdy poseable wire armature, with a bit of weight added to the hip and thigh area to help balance out her head. Her fluffy coat is made of 2 different lengths of synthetic fur that has been hand sewn to the body before getting a haircut and some color.

Cloud Antelope III is closely based on my original Cloud Antelope from 2014, (and my remake of it in 2017). Folks have asked me to make more Cloud Antelopes multiple times over the years, so I finally made a new version that is more or less repeatable.

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