Tsuki the Midnight Kitsune, a blue posable art doll fox with three tails
Face closeup of Tsuki the Midnight Kitsune
Tsuki the Midnight Kitsune back view
Tsuki the Midnight Kitsune, a posable art doll fox with three tails
Tsuki the Midnight Kitsune laying on his back

Tsuki the Midnight Kitsune

46cm (18") long
Commissioned work

Tsuki was in the works for a long time - sourcing the right fur was a challenge, and his design evolved along with the fur search. I’m a believer in quality over speed (except in emergencies) and fortunately my customer was on the same page. He was very willing to be patient while I found the best materials I could - which turned out to be some of the loveliest fur I’ve worked with to date. Both my customer and I are extremely happy with how this fox turned out.

Tsuki has a resin cast face and feet, and a plush body built over a sturdy wire armature. The fur is synthetic. He is detailed with acrylic paints, and the resin sections are sealed with polyurethane finishes. The crescent moon is polymer clay.

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