lavender, white, and silver grey stylized fox poseable art doll looks at the viewer
lavender, white, and silver grey fox poseable art doll looks over her shoulder. the fox has three tails
back view of a lavender, white, and silver grey three-tailed kitsune
headshot of a realistic cute lavender, white, and grey fox art doll
realistic cute fox/kitsune poseable artdoll with three tails sitting and looking up a the viewer

Lavender Kitsune

49cm (19") long
Commissioned work

Lavender Kitsune’s face and lower legs were cast in resin, and her plush body is built over a poseable wire armature and covered with a hand sewn coat of synthetic fur. She is detailed with acrylic paints, and the resin sections are sealed with polyurethane finishes. The silver bracelets are made of reclaimed leather.

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