Royal Tytogriff poseable art doll in a sandy, post-apocalypic landscape
Royal Tytogriff, a poseable art doll with an owl-like face
Royal Tytogriff poseable art doll face and feet details
Royal Tytogriff poseable art doll looking over her back
Royal Tytogriff poseable art doll doing a sassy walk
Royal Tytogriff poseable art doll side view

Royal Tytogriff

14cm (5.5") ground to shoulder, 52cm (20.5") beak to tail

Royal Tytogriff is a rare, regal creature who prowls the wastelands with pride, her bright colors standing out against the tans and taupes of the environment. The now-harsh climate does not seem to bother her - we suspect that her body temperature rises and falls with the day, so that she need not work so hard as we do in order to stay comfortable. Where did she come from? We are uncertain. All we really know is that at night, she sometimes screams like a barn owl - an unsettling, ghostly sound. We believe she is calling for a mate, and are unsure if we should be excited or afraid at the prospect of her raising a family…

Royal Tytogriff is an OOAK poseable art doll. Her face and lower legs are sculpted in polymer clay. The legs are done with a mix of Premo and Super Sculpey, which is stronger than Super Sculpey alone. The polymer clay areas are painted with acrylics and sealed with polyurethane varnish. The rest of her body is built of quilt batting over a flexible wire armature, and covered with synthetic fur - 12 pieces in all, cut from 4 different styles of fur, all hand sewn over the body before being given a careful haircut and additional color. The bracelets are reclaimed leather, painted, and tied with waxed string.

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