Bronze Lake Eagle Wyrm posable art doll
Bronze Lake Eagle Wyrm posable art doll hanging off of a branch
Bronze Lake Eagle Wyrm posable art doll front view
Bronze Lake Eagle Wyrm posable art doll perched on a branch

Bronze Lake Eagle Wyrm

40cm (16”) long, 31cm (12”) wingspan

This little dragon has a moody, watery color scheme with bright metallic bronze accents, thanks to a dear friend of mine who gave me several jars of Pearl Ex powder for my birthday in 2019. Only a year later, I finally got around to getting an acrylic medium I could mix it with to make some paint of irresistible shininess! Bronze Lake Eagle Wyrm is the first of my creations to feature custom-mixed metallic paint, but she is certainly not the last.

Eagle Wyrm Info

Eagle Wyrms are a small, legless variety of dragon. They have keen eyesight and hunt mostly insects and spiders. Although it is somewhat dependent on each Eagle Wyrm’s individual personality, most can become loyal pets and can adapt to a wide variety of climates. They make excellent guards for the office, bedroom, treasure chest, model ship, or whatever else you have that could use a small, sharp-eyed dragon to watch over it. They can also be posed to sit on your shoulder.

Eagle Wyrms have polyurethane resin cast heads, and polymer clay claws & back spines. Their bodies are sewn from a suede-like synthetic knit fabric, stuffed with polyfill and fully wired for excellent posability. Their manes and tails are made of synthetic fur. The main color of the body is the innate color of the fabric; details and shading are done with acrylics. The resin and clay parts are sealed with polyurethane varnishes.

The first Eagle Wyrm face was sculpted in 2015, and several dragons were made with it through 2018. In 2020 I sculpted new faces with short and long-browed variations, and reworked the body and wing design & construction.

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