prismatic kitten-dragon 3/4 view
prismatic kitten-dragon front view
prismatic kitten-dragon top view
prismatic kitten-dragon back view
prismatic kitten-dragon back view

Eastern Coral Dragon

71cm (28") long

Eastern Coral Dragon enjoys sunning himself on warm rocks, despite the fact that he is warm blooded and fluffy. The spots along his snout are sensory organs similar to those possessed by snakes, allowing him to sense infrared. While his wild cousins use this ability to find prey in dimly lit environments, this tame Eastern Coral Dragon will use his heat-seeing skills to find you for cuddles.

Eastern Coral Dragon is a one of a kind posable creature. The face and claws are sculpted in polymer clay, while the rest of the body is soft and constructed over a wire armature. Eastern Coral Dragon is built from scratch and hand painted (yes, even the eyes are painted clay, not glass!) The synthetic fur is hand sewn to the body and remains soft.

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